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Insulated Glass Production Line

Project Description

Latest Insulated Glass Units (Double Glazzing) complete production line from LISEC Austria.

We also offer IGU line with Bendable aluminium spacer without corner joints, apart from standard spacers. The equipment details are as following:

  • 08 Brushes Low-E glass washer.
  • Fully Automatic Inlet and Outlet
  • Fully Automatic Press.
  • Butyle Applicator.
  • Automatic Spacer Bending machine.
  • Automatic Desiccant Filling machine.
  • Mixing and Metering system MIX/SI.
  • Mixing and Metering system MIX/PS.
  • Argon Gas system.
  • Bend IGU Units.

Maximum IGU size: 2440 mm x 4000 mm

Project Type