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Flat & Bend Tempering Furnace

Project Description

5th Generation Gapless TOP and BOTTOM FULL Convection Technology (CE – North Glass, PRC),EU model

One of the world’s most technically advanced Glass Tempering line, based on Gapless Furnace Technology, from North Glass. Special features are:

  • Optimized Heating System Combined with programmable, Gapless Full Convection from North Glass. Which ensures uniform temperature on the glass surface, thus giving minimum optical distortion and best glass tempering.
  • Specially designed for Double Low-E Glass.
  • Capable to produce Tempered glass up to a maximum Flat size of 2440 mm x 4200 mm, ranging from 04mm-19mm glass thickness, and Bend size of 2440 mm x 3000 mm.
  • All kinds of Single Low-E, Double Low-E and Triple Low-E glass tempering.
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