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Glass Processing Machinery

Project Description

All these machines are fully automatic and are of EU origin. They are designed to meet high productivity and quality requirements.

  • Bavelloni (CE-ITALY), Shape Edger.
  • BESANA CMB (CE-ITALY), Glass Driller.
  • Beveller (CE-PRC), 07 wheels.
  • Bottero (CE-ITALY), Glass Straight Line Edger – 10 Wheels.
  • Bottero TITAN (CE-ITALY), Glass Straight Line Double Edging Machine – 4000 mm wide.
  • GASTROLUX by WAMAX (CE-Swiss), Industrial R O System; Demineralized water plants, 900 litres per hour.
  • MHG Automatik (CE-GERMANY), SANDBLASTER (Aluminum Oxide based).
  • ZAFFERANI (CE-ITALY), Glass Straight Line Edging Machine – 10 Wheels.
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